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Angular2 Split Text

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Anyone have any luck with angular2 and split text.


when i try and run it on a component thats part of a template it bombs out complaining about SplitText .length   which to me just says its not getting the template from Angular?? 


export class AboutBgComponent implements AfterViewInit {

private spicy = "this is my text";
private mySplitText:any;
constructor() {}

ngAfterViewInit() {
this.mySplitText = new SplitText(this.spicy, {type:"words"});


tried in the constructor, tried after init as well as a bunch of other things not included in this demo.  So anyone who can spin up an angular2 app and let me know? :)

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ok I fixed it. started fresh and got it working. 

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You'll need to be a little more specific. What's the problem? The code above obviously won't work because it's targeting a string.

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