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Adding fill to an SVG

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Hello there,


Just simply trying to add a background-color or Fill to an SVG.. Wondering why it's not working.


var tween2 = TweenMax.from('.st0', 0.5, {
        fill: #000000



See the Pen MpQzam by erayner (@erayner) on CodePen

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Hi erayner_45092  :)


Just a couple little things. Your fill color is a string so you need to put it into quotes. The other issue is your tween was running at the same time as your timeline so even if the fill color had been formatted correctly, the tween would have ended too quickly and you wouldn't have seen the change. Please try adding it to the end of your timeline like this:

svgTween.from('.st0', 0.5, {fill: "#000000"});

If you do that, all should be working correctly for you.


Happy tweening.


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Things are starting to make sense to me now :)


Thanks a lot!

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