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draggable with dragClickables:on prevents some textarea shortcuts

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when there is a input or textarea inside draggable element with 


shortcuts like ctrl+a not working.


tested on chrome 56.0.2924.87


googling about it I saw this issue https://github.com/react-dnd/react-dnd/issues/178 it seems like the bug is because of listening to selectstart




See the Pen xqPOmw by anon (@anon) on CodePen

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Hi  its have some similarity but I believe its a different bug about ctrl+a inside textarea when the textarea is inside a draggable element when dragClickables:true,


I can verify that draggable is listening to selectstart and when removing this listener ctrl+a is working great..


I put a link to a github issue on other library but referencing the same selectstart event bug

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