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Modifiers Plugin snaps to X value instead of tweening

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non-working example:

now works!

It's snapping to it's new X value instead of tweening.


Example of what I'm trying to achieve:

See the Pen XMaZEo by philipbell (@philipbell) on CodePen

The same equation works when used in a separate tween. 


I've used this same method in timelines, but for some reason it's not working for a 'to' tween. 

Why is animContainerR snapping to it's x value when passed through the modifyer plugin? 



See the Pen YZxewm by philipbell (@philipbell) on CodePen

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It's just a logic thing in your code - I think this is what you meant in your modifier function: 

return (animContainer === animContainerR) ? window.innerWidth - animContainerL._gsTransform.x : value;

You're trying to mirror based on the position of animContainerL, not that new (reflected) value. And you don't do window.innerWidth - value because "value" would be based on the reflected position. Example: if the window is 1000px wide and the left position is at 400, the right one would be at 600 but then on that next tween, "value" would be totally different between the two elements (400 vs 600 to start), thus you 1000 - 600 = 400 on the first render (wrong). 


There are many ways you could do this - it just made the most sense in my brain to base it off the position of the one on the left and reflect it. 


Does that help?

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I see this much clearer now.

It needs to be based animContainerL's real-time position rather than the single endX value.


Awesome. Thanks Jack! 

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