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reverse change var value

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Hey guys,

var panWidth = $(".panContain").width();
var panImg = $(".panContain").find(".panImg");
var start = 50;
var width = panImg.width() - panWidth;
var tl = new TimelineMax({
  onComplete: function onComplete() {
    start = 0;
  onReverseComplete: function onReverseComplete() {
    start = 0;
tl.fromTo(panImg, 20, {
  "transform": "translate("+ -start +"px,0)",
}, {
  "transform": "translate(-" + width + "px,0)",
  ease: Linear.easeNone

Please Help,


Here i want to set from value to "transform": "translate("+ -start +"px,0)" only when start. onComplete i want to tl.reverse() to "transform": "translate(0,0)" not 50 then again restart it from "transform": "translate(0,0)" not 50. Above my code does not reset start to 0 onComplete.

See the Pen jBqpxe by vishalbhulku (@vishalbhulku) on CodePen

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