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Automatically loop banner animations with NanoTween

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Hi! I have a HTML5 banner advertisement that I'd like to automatically replay the animation on a loop. Is this possible? I have attached the HTML5 banner advertisement source files. Please let me know how to accomplish this. Thank you for your help!


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Very sorry for the delay, we do our best to answer all threads but we occasionally miss one. I suspect the community members that downloaded your file were confused by NanoTween which isn't one of our products. I haven't heard of it before but it seems it has a very light feature-set and wasn't really built for sequencing. FWIW we had a TweenNano way back in the Flash days, but NanoTween isn't ours or something we support. 


For something like this our TimelineMax will make sequencing and repeating a breeze. TimelineMax is part of TweenMax.min.js which is hosted by every major ad network so it is heavily cached and you aren't penalized for any filesize. 


Here is a very simple example of a repeating TimelineMax animation: 

var tl = new TimelineMax({repeat:2, repeatDelay:1});
tl.from("h1", 0.5, {x:-200, opacity:0})
  .from("h2", 0.5, {x:200, opacity:0})
  .staggerFrom(".box", 0.5, {y:50, opacity:0, ease:Back.easeOut}, 0.2);

DEMO: http://codepen.io/GreenSock/pen/jBbNZp?editors=0010


Notice how all the animations play in direct succession and I never specified any delays? With TimelineMax all the animations naturally play in succession but you can use gaps or overlaps with the position parameter <--must read ;)


If you want to learn more about GSAP, start here: https://greensock.com/get-started-js


We'll be happy to help with any questions you have along the way. For general API questions post in: https://greensock.com/forums/forum/11-gsap/


Our apologies again for the delay.

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