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Animate CC and text, something to be aware of

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One of the coolest things about Animate is using any font you want, and Animate converting it to shapes in the published js file. You have fewer server requests, and no need to make multiple png images or SVGs of your copy.


Except, when you paste vector art such as a lockup from Illustrator. Then your js file calls that font.


Unfortunately we are not set up to do any QA, so I am unable to report, exactly what happens when the font being called is for example Impact, and the user does not have it.


The only fubar situation i was made aware of by a marketing person seeing one of my Animate published ads in the wild, where I had pasted from In Design, to Illustrator to Animate,  was the mobile size where it appeared to revert to Times.


Any one else noticed this?


My experience was that if I had pasted something that contains text from Illustrator I see a line like this

this.text = new cjs.Text("", "60px 'HelveticaNeueLTStd-Hv'", "#FFFFFF");


If I created all text in Animate, I have no instances of

this.text = new cjs.Text



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When I paste text from Illustrator into Animate, it still ends up being "static text" in Animate, but it sounds like for you it's being converted to "dynamic text".  Are you able to convert it back to static text within Animate?


If it's a logo, you could also create outlines in Illustrator first, to be sure that it maintains the exact same appearance in Animate.


Not sure why you're experiencing a different behavior than I am though; you can also report bugs to Adobe here: http://www.adobe.com/products/wishform.html

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It was something I had almost forgotten about, and when I checked my js file it was full of references to Helvetica.


Hard to say.


The text fields producing this.text in the js file are not dynamic. Despite there also being Rockwell in one of the vector graphics I pasted, there are no instances of Rockwell. Maybe it has something to do with true type vs open type, or the Universal Type Client we use.


If you don't go looking for it in your js files, you won't notice.

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Weird; I can't replicate it on my end.  Text pasted from Illustrator still breaks apart properly when I publish... I checked the JS files too.

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Could be an In design thing as all these lockups originated with In Design, and none were created by me. Edited to add, and print does not have Creative Cloud.


I did a search for this.text and multiple campaigns had lockups that generated this.text in the JS file. If these many had reverted to Times, someone would have noticed, other than that one 320x50 I got a complaint about.


Since there is no actual text associated with this.text, I am thinking it is still being converted to shapes.


I am just going to try to always replace pasted text fields with my own, to be safe. 


And then there is the Enterprise security proxy weirdness that prevents Type kit from connecting...

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I verified that this can happen. A campaign I did that was one of my first Animate CC published canvas banner ads, was just restarted as a pickup.


The text in question was a lockup, which is why I had copy and pasted it from In Design to Illustrator to Animate. The font was Impact.  I saw one in the wild, where the text had reverted to times on a Mac that did not have Impact.

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 I have problem when i convert Japanese Text from static text to dynamic text it does'nt break line, so how can i fix it ?.

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Turned out my issue was that the vector lockups that I had pasted from InDesign to Illustrator, to Animate, had some Dynamic text fields, despite my not having created any of the text. So that is why Impact reverted to Times. I know nothing about InDesign so not sure how that happened.


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