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To Morph, or to Transform?

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Hey guys,


I'm trying to figure out how to make this fish vector appear to make a flopping in-air animation.

At first I was thinking that MorphSVG would be the ideal tool for this, but then diving deeper I'm noticing that there's so many paths I believe I would have to find an ideal shapeIndex for each to get a fluid motion. Transform gives off the whole 2D vibe since I'm using scale -1 to give the appearance of a reflection during the flopping animation.


This is a link to a primitive attempt to use MorphSVG


And this is a link to a primitive attempt using regular transforms

See the Pen dNQdxe by dylan9o4 (@dylan9o4) on CodePen


Any help would be greatly appreciated!

See the Pen bgQLyP by dylan9o4 (@dylan9o4) on CodePen

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So good indeed, thanks for sharing Blake!


Iv'e added "aquatic" as a tag as well in case someone else might search, I wasn't sure of a great term like that.

I will update and edit this post with an example once I get up-to speed on the docs and get my working example.


Thanks again Blake, and awesome GSAP community!

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