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Repetition inside timeline: is it possible?

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Hey there,

I'm just getting started with GSAP and so far loving it! But there's one thing I couldn't get figure yet and I can't find any example online: tween repetition inside a timeline without stuck it


I mean:

var timelineChain1 = new TimelineMax();
		timelineChain1.to("#timeline-1 .el", .2, {autoAlpha:1}) /*STEP 1*/
		.to("#timeline-1 .el", .2, {scale:.8, repeat:-1, yoyo:true}) /*STEP 2*/
		.staggerTo("#timeline-1 .el", .2, {x:-20}, .2 ); /*STEP 3*/

What happens: step 1 runs ok, then the timeline get stuck in the repeatition of step 2, so step 3 never happens.

What I want: the infinity repetition to continue as the timeline goes on. Is it possible? 


Thanks and keep going!

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Hi immarcelo :)


Welcome to the GreenSock forum.


There would be a few ways to make that happen. You could put the repeating timeline into a function and call it when you need it. You could set a hard coded start time for the tweens. You could also use recent() and endTime(). All those solutions were discussed in a similar thread here:




I'm confident one of those solutions will work well for you.


Happy tweening.


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