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Latest Chrome + Retina performance

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Hi guys,


Running into a fun one... I'm developing a site and performance is great (even on old ipads and iphones).


I was testing and noticed that when I run the site on chrome on a non-retina monitor performance is fine.


However, when I drag the browser to my retina monitor and run it, performance is *horrible*


I'm using latest GSAP and latest version of Chrome (mac). 


Is this related to the chrome issue you guys had been talking about a few months ago?


Tried changing the CSSPlugin.defaultForce3D to see if this changed anything, I did see improvements if i set it to FALSE?


Sorry no pen, just wanted to see if anyone else had experienced this.


EDIT: After further testing it is DEFINITELY an issue with force3D. If I apply any sort of 3D settings to my objects performance tanks.



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Hm, pretty tough to troubleshoot blind but it sounds like more of a rendering issue related to how the browser is baking all those pixels :) Have you tried setting will-change: transform in the CSS on the element(s) you're animating? I generally don't recommend that because...well...read this: http://greensock.com/will-change/ but according to some choices Chrome is making (which I completely disagree with), in some situations like this it could be advantageous (and in other situations, it'll have the opposite effect). 

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I run across something similar not 1 on 1 but try looking at the gpu memory used, as retina screen probably taking 2x gpu memory. (press f12 than on more tools->rendering->fps meter)


if it's not helping click on timeline tab press record  with the retina and without and try to see whats happening

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I will do more testing and see if I can simplify the issue

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I have seen this same issue with users on Mac in Google Chrome with Retina using hardware accelerated 3d transforms CSS transitions and CSS animation.


But i have read alot of users with a Mac that support Retina displays that have really bad UI lag not just when animating 3D transforms, js or css driven.


On reddit:



On apple forums:



On apple stackexchange



On Mac community forum



Even though it was Yosemite they still see this UI lag on El Capitan and Sierra.


Just my two cents :)

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Thanks for the info Jonathan!


It's definitely specifically related to Chrome.... Firefox and Safari run smooth as ever

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Trying to unclaim this topic but it's not working... :\

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What do you mean by unclaim topic? .. do you mean the "I'll answer this button" ??

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