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walking doll (with animate CC) code + timeline??

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Hello, i'm making banners with greensock...and LIKE IT...however i'm not a pro, more a newbie...


i can animate most things, but now i want to have a walking man or doll....i can make it with a timeline ( and a mask ) every frame another action of the man...


but can't play the timeline together with the code (of greensock)


is there a way to let the man walk with greensock code in Adobe animate CC??


hope to hear as soon as possible...deadline;-(

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One of the cool things about Animate is that SWF era animations that don't require any actionscript can be reused and exported for Canvas. Here is an example walk cycle FLA available for download from Flashkit. I have many saved FLAs that involve human locomotion. Some are running rather than walking




Walking towards viewer



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hello, thanks, they look good!


how do you mean..can i export these and import them in a banner, which is animate by (gsap) code?

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You would edit that FLA in Animate, and enter the individual movie clips and replace the elements, legs, arms, torso, with your doll parts. Then you convert it to a Canvas document. You can either use the timeline or GSAP for forward motion. The nested clips are where the repeat motion loops (arm swinging, leg stepping) happen.

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