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CustomEase in AS3

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Hello everybody, I´m sorry if this is a basic question, but this is my first day with GreenSock.


It´s really amazing, but I can´t find any documentation about CustomEase running in Flash (AS3).


It is because it doesn´t mean to, right? I mean, it´s a product aim at CSS, and HTML and JS... I´m just asking because there may be an option to run this, and bc of my lack of knowledge, I´m missing it (which would be a shame, because the product is awesome)


I was playing around with the Ease Visualizer, and then,when I tried to apply a custom ease to my project, I´ve got an error, obviously


Thanks in advance, and happy Hollidays to you all!



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Hi and welcome to the GreenSock forums,


CustomEase for AS3 is sort of antiquated at this point and pretty limited compared to the HTML5 / JS version.

You can learn more about it here: https://greensock.com/customease-as


CustomEase for AS3 is available to Club GreenSock members: https://greensock.com/club/ (select Flash from the drop-down menu)


Please keep in mind that our Flash / AS3 products haven't been developed or updated in a few years now as we have been solely focused on HTML5 tooling.

Our Flash products are all known to be bug-free but support for them is quite limited. 

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Hi guys,

I wanna know if I have ur permission to share my code version from CustomEase on github or something similar,

I ported the latest JS version to AS3 and works pretty well.

Actually, I'm using it with Starling's Tween... this new easing is really amazing.

Even with my own implementations/optimizations for AS3... I'd like to know if its ok to share it with the community...

What u guys achieved is fantastic and I think it'll help developers to create amazing stuffs in AIR, event if everybody consideres AS3 "death" :)



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Thanks for running this past us and asking permission. That says a lot about how you approach development and respect other people's work. 


You have our blessing to use it in your own projects privately, but we'd rather you not distribute it elsewhere (like on github) because:

  • It creates a support burden that we're not able/willing to take on at this point. Even if you make it clear that it's not from GreenSock, that wouldn't be entirely true because the meat of it actually is, and of course it's for GSAP so it's kinda sticky. I've learned a difficult lesson over the years doing this - authoring the code represents probably 5% of the effort; 95% is documenting and supporting it over time. Questions, bugs, updates, explaining features, etc. It can get VERY time-consuming and we have limited resources. We're focusing them on JS development, not the Flash platform anymore.  
  • Anything associated with GreenSock needs to be properly vetted. If we let people take our stuff, make their own edits, and distribute however they please, it could lead to some devastating consequences for us (accidentally, of course). Like various flavors of tools could start floating around, all with mis-matching feature sets or bugs, etc. That could soil our reputation even if we aren't responsible for the edits. All the users know is that it's a GreenSock-related tool that doesn't work the way they'd expect. I'm not implying, of course, that you'd do shoddy work by any means. For all I know, you did a bang-up job. I'm just saying we don't have time to properly vet things for the Flash platform anymore, and we've gotta be very careful about some dangers related to certain types of open source. 
  • It's copyrighted code that took a lot of effort to craft - if we let you distribute it elsewhere under a differently license, it kinda circumvents ours. We feel an obligation to our customers to stay in business for the long-run and continue to innovate and support the tools. Our licensing model is absolutely essential to achieving that goal. See http://greensock.com/why-license/ for details. 

Thanks again for being so considerate and asking about this. I appreciate the opportunity to explain where we're coming from. Again, you've got our blessing to use your edited version for your own projects. 


Happy tweening!

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Thanks for the reply @Jack, I was kinda expecting it.


Even if its a "bummer", u have my huge respects buddy, I've been using TweenLite/Max for ages, always extremely stable and reliable, so I can't be more grateful for all the work that u guys been doing for ages. Therefore, I just feel honor enough for ur kinds comments and the time u took to justify the (expected) NO and for being polite.


I'm aware of the copyright, and that's the big issue where I can't do anything about it. I think the rest can be "arranged", even using a similar approach unrelated to Greensock, creating a custom bezier editor, precompiling the code in swc, etc...

Anyway, is there any chance for me to help u (greensock) to stay alive in AS3 ? I know the library took a way different path now, with tons of features that works only on CSS/JS, but at least, I would like to contribute something back.



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Very kind of you to offer to help! That's very generous and greatly appreciated. We're pretty well set on not re-investing in ActionScript since the marketplace has made it crystal clear to us that they want HTML5/JS tools from us much more, so we're fully committed there. I know that's not the answer you were hoping for, and I wish I had better news for you, but of course you're totally welcome to use our ActionScript tools as long as you want in the Flash ecosystem. 


In terms of giving back, I guess it would be pretty swell if you were willing to help others who ask questions in the Flash forums (or elsewhere), but those don't get much action these days either. 


Thanks again for your kindness and generosity. Very happy to hear that the tools have served you well for years. :)

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