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Mega menu with GSAP issue

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Hi all,

i have the following issue:
I'm trying to build a full page mega menu. The main idea is that i create 4 columns and when a mouseenter event occurs to any column i change the width of the entered column to 51% and i shrink the other 3 columns to 17%.


I run through an array of the columns and if the column is active i attach a timeline. If it is not active i attach a second one resetting it to initial values. (i am not very sure that this is the best practice, but that's what i came up, any suggestions are welcome).


When the resizing happens i show the content of the selected column, or hide it in case it is not active. The issue appears when i move the mouse quickly so probably the resetting timeline is not over yet when the new timeline starts. I tried killing tweens before i apply a new one but this obviously doesn't solve anything.


I'm feeling a little stuck, can you advise please?


(sorry for the messy css, the problem is in the js anyway)

See the Pen ENqVpo by garakatsamol (@garakatsamol) on CodePen

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I didn't have time to go through all your actual code but the following technique should be a good starting point.


Instead of attaching new timelines to elements I check on mouseenter of any column to see if there is an active column. If I find an active column I hide all its contents and then create a new timeline that:
  1. shrinks the width of all columns I am not over
  2. grows the column I am over
  3. reveals the stuff in the column I am over.
var active;

  //hide active elements
    TweenLite.to(active.find("h1"), 0.3, {opacity:0, x:0, overwrite:"all"});
    TweenLite.to(active.find("p"), 0.3, {x:0, opacity:0, overwrite:"all"});
  //introduce new active elements
  var others = $(".box").not(this);
  active = $(this);
  var tl = new TimelineLite();
  tl.to(others, 0.3, {width:"16%"}, 0)
    .to(active, 0.3, {width:"52%"}, 0)
    .to(active.find("h1"), 0.3, {opacity:1, x:100}, 0.2)
    .to(active.find("p"), 0.3, {x:100, opacity:1}, 0.25);



I found I could move my mouse very quickly and it never got stuck.



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@Carl Thank you very much, your approach is much more neet than mine!

@Blake very interesting post indeed. Thanks!


Thanks for the great work in GSAP and the great community here!


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