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stop aniamtion for one element, and after some animation continue it

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I have a work that requires grouping elements in animation, and then taking it a part and so on... As for now i am creating separate images when images should work together, and then making a transition when they should be separated several images. So when I have several elements, I can wrap them into a div and it can work like group. But what if I have some animation set up, like in codepen, for now to save it I would need to hide the element that I need to move out of animation, create the same one on top of it, animate it, put it back, hide, show previously hidden one - done. Is there a better way? Can I switch of animation for some element, do another thing, and then continue previous animation?

See the Pen rWrzvP?editors=0010 by one2gov (@one2gov) on CodePen

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