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Third-party banner platforms

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What's your favourite platform to work on?

Which one do you absolutely hate?

Which one makes the most sense?




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I'm limited to Sizmek, DoubleClick RM and Flashtalking...


Hate is a rather strong word. I'd go with Dislike. Same with favourite.


Dislike: Flashtalking - Why? They're still in the past and they have some funky hoops you have to jump to setup their units.


The least Disliked: DCRM - Apart from Google pushing its own products all the time, it is ok to debug locally and easy to upload. 


Sense. To me, they all have their bizarre logic that I eventually seem to grasp even if not agreeing with.

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Pros: 150k .zip size counts. This means we can base64 + inline all assets.

Cons: Lame validator failing on many valid solutions.
Dumb uploader/converter changing SVG <image> tags to <img> which is destroying SVG ads.

30 sec loop limit.

Unwanted button on the top right corner which is covering the legal text star in many cases.

Pros: null
Cons: Pain in the #@? web based ad uploader.
fallback.jpg is required but not used only for sizing the ad.
Junk, outdated templates.
Uploader failing on JSZipped packages.

Pros: undefined
Cons: 100k limit.

Customized manifest.json

Additional script include which requires further customization.

30 sec loop limit.

Pros: 300k size limit ( Media agency dependent ).

No adFormat specific .js include.
Cons: Built in landing page URL.

Required fallback.jpg.

These are local fromats in Eastern Europe:

Pros: No fallback.jpg, loop limit, embedded landing page URL.

Retina hosting for additional monthly fee.


Pros: 300k size limit.
Cons: Every asset and every size mutation goes to the campaign's root folder. We need to uniquely name every file.

And here is a perfect, imaginary format:

Pros: 300k .zip size limit.
No fallback.jpg.

No embedded landing page URL.
No custom adFormat specific .js include.
Browser based targeting based on <meta> tags.


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The 2 platforms that I regularly work with (Sizmek and Doubleclick), are pretty much tied for me.


I have basic code templates setup for both (only difference is for Sizmek my template loads the EBLoader.js file before initializing the animation), so my workflow is basically the same for both.


In the past I have had to upload banner assets to the Sizmek web platform, which was a convoluted pain at first, but I got used to it (comfortable even) after 1 campaign. For most of the current Sizmek campaigns I work on, the media agency uploads the banners to the Sizmek web platform, so less stress for me!

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