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question about TimelineMax.call labels

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Hi can anyone answers the following:


I'm basically converting Spine2D animation into HTML5 using PixiJS to render and TweenMax (of course) to drive all the animation.


It's actually working very well but I have a question about the 'accuracy' and reliability of labels. 


Spine2D allows you to place 'events' on it's timeline. I covert theSpine2D timeline to a TImelineMax and fire the event as below.

 myTimeLine.call(()=> {
                console.log(':: DO SOMTHING');        
            }, [], this, _event_data.time)

If the _event_data.time which is a value generated via Spine2D is something like 6.3333 will it always fire? I am having some incidents on old devices, crappy computers where it looks like the call event is missed.


So my basic question is If TimelineMax skips a frame or stalls on a slow device will the call() always fire or can it be missed?

Are some rounded times more reliable?


Thanks a lot all in advance.



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Nope, GSAP should never miss a call or onComplete or any callback. When the playhead resumes and shoots past that spot, it makes sure to call everything inbetween those two points. If you think there's a bug, feel free to shoot us a reduced test case and we'd be happy to look at it.  

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Thanks for the reply Jack. I thought you would ensure that calls fired. I suspect it's something my end.

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Did you get it working? And are you using the Pixi plugin?


I used to use Spine all the time, and have always wanted to use it with GSAP. I've even recommended using Spine with other people on this forum, like here, and here, but never had a demo to show. I was wondering if you have anything you could share? If not, I totally understand. I'd just like to have something to show that actually uses GSAP the next time Spine comes up.



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Hi @OSUblake sorry I never saw your reply.


I have got some stuff I can show if you're interested I basically convert simple spine2D animations into GASP animation. The workflow is PSD->Spine2D powered by GSAP rendered by PixiJS.


Simple layout and simple animations can be converted directly from Spine to GASP. Complex character animations are handled by thePixiSpine plugin. 


I can't show here but if you, Jack or anyone at Greensocks is interested I can set something up for you to see.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Hi @macguffin,


Looks like I missed your reply, but that would awesome if you could something up. You can just send one us a PM. 



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