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Greensock 2D physics

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Hi Greensock lovers,


How can i achieve this () with Greensock 2Dphysics? And as extra I want to have a cursor hover function. Basically when you hover with your cursor the "object" should be pushed somehow.








See the Pen amyyyw by labdev (@labdev) on CodePen

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Hi @fatih. GSAP's Physics2DPlugin isn't for that type of effect. It's not intended to be a full-blown physics engine with collision detection, world dynamics, interplay between objects, etc. That'd make it at least 10x its size and wouldn't be at all appropriate inside GSAP (since it's built around animations that have a specific duration and can be placed in timelines, etc.). Sorry. It sounds like you'd be best served by finding a good full-blown physics engine. 

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