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Is it possible to update values of html on resize? Like this?
onResizeStart:function() {
xSize.innerHTML = this.target._gsTransform.scaleX;
ySize.innerHTML = this.target._gsTransform.scaleY; 

In the codepen i can't get values of _gsTransform.scaleX for some reason.

See the Pen RooKpG by one2gov (@one2gov) on CodePen

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Hello one2gov,


You are mixing GSAP and jQuery. From what I have seen in your Pen everything is behaving according to expected behaviour.


You don't see any change on _gsTransform properties because GSAP is not altering any of those properties. jQuery is altering the width and height of the element, there's nothing in there that's feeding that into the _gsTransform object.


If you create a function called onResizeStart and trigger it, yes, it is possible to update the values. 

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Ok, i got it _gsTransform.scaleX is not width of the div but it's a scale ratio of the div.

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