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Problem animating image inside a svg clipPath on Chrome

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Hey there,


I'm trying to use TweenMax to animate an image inside a SVG clipPath.


The problem is: when the transition is happening, the clipPath deactivate on Chrome and appears only after animation stops. On Safari and Firefox works just fine.


Anyone can help me? Is a compatibility issue or am I doing something wrong?


Thanks guys!

See the Pen zoBzQN by marcioshiz (@marcioshiz) on CodePen

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Browser support for clip-path isn't great, and it's even worse for animated clip-paths unfortunately. Looks like a Chrome bug that can't be worked around (as far as I know at least). I wish I had better news for you. If you need advanced masking, you might want to look into canvas or pure SVG (rather than an SVG mask on a regular DOM element).

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