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Newbie Question

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Hello Everyone.


I've been going through the Noble Desktop training with intentions to continue to the GreenSock Workshop by Petr.


With the Noble Desktop training, work is done to an HTML file that calls the appropriate GSAP js from the CDN.


I am gearing up to do my first project... simple of course.  Is it really as simple as adding the code in the HTML file and saving it... no compiling or saving to an unreadable file?  How would I give it to the customer for implementation on their webpage once they approve it?


There probably are some threads in the forum that address these questions.  Could someone please direct me to them.  Not sure what to search for.



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Hi Ken,


The beauty of working with GSAP is that your projects just consist of HTML, CSS and JavaScript that anyone can edit with any text editor. Your finished work can run on any web-server for millions to enjoy via any web browser.


There is no need to compile down to anything or try to hide your code. You should just give them the HTML, CSS, JS and image files that you are using in a zip. They may have some recommendations that all images should be in a folder with a specific name in a special place but my guess is that whoever is maintaining the site will know how to make those changes or instruct you what to change after they see your files. Depending on what you are doing, they may just load your project into an iframe or copy and paste your HTML into theirs. 


Keep your code and files neat. As long as you expect a few hiccups and changes with the first delivery, I imagine it will go quite smooth.

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Thank you Carl.  I guess just the initial jitters.  It seems like I'm missing something.  Looking forward to diving in.  Ken

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