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Trigger tweens with ScrollMagic

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Hello, I have a question about triggering tweens with the ScrollMagic plugin


I created a ScrollMagic page where I animated with CSS, but I prefer to do transform ect with GreenSock. 

The problem is that when I want to trigger tweens, it doesn't work. 


This is the code: 


I also have a WORKING code, but this is with CSS animation, and not what I want: 

See the Pen RGpyGz%C2%A0 by codesen (@codesen) on CodePen



I used this as an example: http://scrollmagic.io/examples/basic/simple_tweening.html 


I think the problem is in line 10: .setTween("#project01", 0.5, {backgroundColor: "green"}) 



I hope you can help! :)

See the Pen LRLEYZ by codesen (@codesen) on CodePen

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