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straggerfrom issue

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I made ​​an animation with the fingers of the characters , as you can see from my codepen .

I used TweenMax.staggerFrom so you can move each finger with a small delay .


but I have a problem, how can I say that the animation should begin from the beginning all together ?

Now the animation starts from an hand per time , but I would to say that all the hands they need to start the animation of the fingers at the same time , without any delay.


maybe it is better don't use staggerFrom for my scope?


any help, suggestion or advice?

many thanks


See the Pen OXYJxj by mp1985 (@mp1985) on CodePen

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Thanks for the demo, 

Your jQuery selector was selecting 16 different targets that were being animated in sequence.


If you just use an Array like: 


var fingers = [".finger-one", ".finger-two", ".finger-three", ".finger-four"];


GSAP will select and animate all .finger-one then all .finger-two etc.


I think it will give you what you want



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