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New GSAP Tutorial : Smaller, Faster HTML5 Adobe Animate Ads

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Check out this new Greensock tutorial that shows how to create smaller, faster HTML5 ads from Adobe Animate with GSAP.



Topics covered--


  • Using GreenSock with Adobe Animate (Flash)
  • Using ActionScript (AS2 or AS3) or JS for HTML5 ads
  • Automatically optimizing your assets with one click
  • Working with clickTags
  • Retina/High DPI asset setup
  • Handle multiple exits on buttons with onClick
  • Handle rollovers with onMouseOver/Out
  • Call JavaScript on the page from timeline code in the FLA
  • Show an ad preloaded
  • Test and validate the ad







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Hi Flash-to-HTML5


I downloaded the sample files and noticed that all of the files, AS3, AS2 and JS are not canvas documents. I must say I am curious as to why anyone would want to author an AS document, only to have to convert it. I personally start with Canvas, and only convert existing (pick up) actionscript files, when it is faster than rebuilding.

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Hi Flash-To-HTML5 and Welcome to GreenSock Forum!

Your topic is very helpful and related to Banner Animation. This should be pinned up in the banner section.

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