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Hello, is there a list for all commands which working without Gsap?






opacity ( or alpha..??)



and others, i want to create but i dont know the possibilities



i know the easy/Bounce options

Like to hear it, so i can go on playing :-)




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Commands for what, cartamundi? Can you explain in more detail what you mean? It isn't making much sense at the moment.

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Hi cartamundi :)


There isn't any specific list of what GSAP can animate. It can animate almost any property of any object. 


I'd recommend downloading Petr Tichy's GSAP Cheat Sheet. It has a great list of the most common things you'll probably do with GSAP on a daily basis along with some additional jQuery information.




I'd also suggest taking a look at the docs for the CSSPlugin. That should give you quite a bit of information, but isn't a complete list. Most CSS properties will work along with the special ones Jack has created for GSAP.




We also had a similar question in this thread which might be useful to you:




Hopefully that helps a bit.


Happy tweening.


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Just off the top of my head


GSAP = CSS equivalent:

  • x = translateX()
  • y = translateY()
  • z = translateZ()
  • rotation = rotate()
  • rotationX = rotateX()
  • rotationY = rotateY()
  • rotationZ = rotateZ()  .. when 2D rotationZ = rotation = rotate()
  • skewX = skewX()
  • skewY = skewY()
  • transformOrigin = transform-origin
  • perspective = perspective
  • transformPerspective = transform: perspective();


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