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scale tweening problems (on windows only)

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I've got a few issues tweening scaleX and scaleY properties, the tween works fine on a Mac, but windows it won't tween.


My flash site basically zooms in to different parts of a large movieclip. So I'm reguarly tweening the scaleX, scaleY, x and y.


On the last three pages from the menu, only the x and y are tweened.

This is the page: http://tiny.cc/qe0lR


Does anyone know what might be causing this?


Thanks guys.

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It moves and zooms for me in windows vista and ie7 also the newest flash player

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Very tough to troubleshoot blind (without seeing any code). Not a single other user has reported any problems like this, so I suspect there must be something else going on with your project internally.

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