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TweenMax width-height fail on Animate CC

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I am trying to tween width and height with TweenMax in Adobe Animate CC:


First frame script (in Animate CC):

var root = this;

// TweenMax.to(root.myBox, 1.25, {scaleX:2.0, scaleY:2.0, ease:Elastic.easeOut}); // --> works

// TweenMax.to(root.myBox, 1.25, {width:"500px"}); // --> NOT WORKS 
TweenMax.to(root.myBox, 1.25, {left:"12px"}); // --> ALSO NOT WORKS 

("myBox" is a name of movie clip on stage).




Animate CC Version:

TweenMax.min.js Version: 1.19.0 (also tried 1.18.2).




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Hi and welcome to the GreenSock forums,


When using Animate CC with HTML5 canvas export you need to keep in mind that you are animating EaselJS objects (not DOM elements with CSS properties) so its important to use the properties and units that EaselJS uses. Docs for DisplayObject: http://createjs.com/docs/easeljs/classes/DisplayObject.html


try changing left to x and dropping the 'px' like:

TweenMax.to(root.myBox, 1.25, {x:12});

From what I recall width is not supported with EaselJS, I couldn't find it in the docs.

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OK, I get the picture now.


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