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ScrollToPlugin issue

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Hi everybody,


So I'm playing around the latest GSAP SrollToPlugin and trying to recreate this sample published on the site:


The issue I occurred is when I click on the navigation, the content will jump back to the top first then do the scroll, I found if I use the <button> instead of <li> then it works just fine. Does anyone knows what cause this issue? Thanks in advance.



Here's the code:





See the Pen LkOrKY by GreenSock (@GreenSock) on CodePen

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That's not a bug - it's just that you set your <a> links to have an href of "#" which basically means "jump to the top of the current page". So it's obeying your instructions :)


To get the effect you want, you could just make your href="javascript:" which essentially does nothing. 

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Ah that's right... thanks for the help!

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