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IE 11 error unable to set property "cssText" of undefined or null reference

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Hey folks!


I got this strange error only in IE/Edge and Windows Phones.

Safari, Firefox and Chrome works just fine.


check the site here: www.grace-restaurant.at


when i animate the content it outputs me the following error into the console multiple times:


unable to set property "cssText" of undefined or null reference.


so first i thought, theres something wrong with the selector, i sometimes used a jquery selector inside using the method .not().

so i changed that, but the errors still occur.


then i thought maybe its the css plugin so i deleted the use of css:{} gsap method where its not necessary.


stil doestn work. I really have no clue what it could be.

Of course i'm not assuming its a gsap bug or problem, but isn't it weird, that it only occurs in IE and Windows Phone?


Maybe anyone has a clue what this could be?


thanks in advance

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hello maximoou, and Welcome to the GreenSock Forum!


Can you please provide a limited codepen demo example?  It will be hard to test without testing your code live.


This way we can test your code in a live editable environment


Here is a video tut on how to setup a limited codepen example.






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