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Animation Y possition bugging on small screens

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Hello guys!

I'm using

TweenMax.from('.form-contact',1.5, {opacity:0, y:40, x:30,ease: SlowMo.easeIn});

But you can see on image a white rect on all page.

This white rect match a initial position from my '.form-contact'.


This white rect desapear when animation end to new positon.

I'm tried overflow: hidden but fails.

The only way a can do is setting ".form-contact' display: none; and when animation start i set display: block;

This is the only way?



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Hi nofpowells,


Could you provide a reduced case example? It is very hard to troubleshoot code without seeing it in context. We don't need all of the code that you are working on, just the bit that is the effect that you are having trouble with.


Here's a guide, just in case:


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Hello nofpowells,


You could try adding immediateRender: false to your from() tween since from() tweens run immediately by default.



But a codepen demo like Dipscom advised will help us help you better. So a codepen demo is highly recommended.





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