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RotationY not working in iOS (both Safari and Chrome)

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Hope someone can help me out here. I am doing a very simple y-axis rotation animation that works fine on desktop and Android, but does not rotate on iOS (Safari OR Chrome). Any ideas what I'm doing wrong? Thanks so much!

See the Pen pbAKZz by stessyco (@stessyco) on CodePen

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Hi stessyco :)


Welcome to the GreenSock forums.


That actually doesn't work in Desktop FF either. SVG 1.1 doesn't support 3D transforms. Chrome will allow it, but not the other browsers. That's probably something that will be available in SVG 2.0. We had a similar discussion in this thread:




Hopefully that helps.


Happy tweening.


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While you can't 3D rotate SVG children across browsers, you can rotate an entire SVG element, like this: 

See the Pen RRkBzW?editors=1010 by ohem (@ohem) on CodePen


You would need to adjust the rotation or put the coin in a separate SVG so it doesn't get flipped, though.

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