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Illustrator help - Convert items in a group to a path for SVG morphing

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Sorry, I realize this is a Greensock forum, but I was experimenting with the SVGMorphing plugin this weekend and found that I was having difficulty with the following steps. Can someone let me know how I should go about solving.

  1. Paste an image into Illustrator, say a jpg
  2. Trace that image in Illustrator using the auto-trace feature? (I think that's what it's called)
  3. When exporting as svg, I now have a group with multiple paths
  4. How do I convert those into one path so I can utilize the svg morphing?

Let me know if I'm way off on this process. I was just starting to tinker this weekend and probably have missed some important steps.


Thanks in advance,



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Came up with a solution. Feel free to respond if you have a better one.

  1. Paste image in Illustrator
  2. Image trace (Sketched art)
  3. Expand (converts tracing object to path)
  4. Object -> Compound Path -> Make
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Yup! That's probably the best way. Sorry, I wasn't able to get to it sooner. Thanks for posting the solution.

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