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SVG morph problems

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In the attached codepen, i have two SVGs i've exported from illustrator.

Both were exported as svg code and the first thing i do with greensock is convert to paths.


I want the first (the vertical line) to be morphed into the second (the arrow shape).

The idea is that it will be like the bow on a bow and arrow being pulled back.


For some reason it just doesn't seem to work for me, any guidance would be appreciated.




See the Pen ZOyybA by JonnyS (@JonnyS) on CodePen

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It looks like the issue is that you're trying to morph it into two separate paths.  If you merge your paths in Illustrator, it should work fine.

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Yup, Ohem is exactly right. You need to morph 1 start path to 1 end path.


In illustrator you can select both end paths, right click and choose "make compound path"

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