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Problem with animating using Draggable

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 Draggable.create("#myDIV", {
                    onDragEnd:function() {

                        TweenMax.to($("#myDIV"), 5,{css:{left: 0}});
                        console.log('DRAG END');

TweenMax.to($("#myDIV"), 5,{css:{left: 0}}); I wanted this to trigger every time drag ends, but this only animates only once and is not accurately goes to its original position

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I already figure it out, Thanks anyways.. I should have use left instead of x for it's type to prevent updating it's coordinates when dragged :D

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Exactly :) 


However, I'd definitely recommend using "x" instead of "left" if you can because generally it's more performant (browsers don't have to worry about reflow/layout). 

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