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Responsive draggable menu

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I have simple menu that I want to drag from 5% of the screen to 100%. 

// changing this to "100%" does not work
var maxX = 320

Draggable.create(".menu", {
  edgeResistance: 1,
   bounds: {maxX:maxX, minX:0}, 
    snap: {
    x: [0, maxX]

The menu works fine if I supply a pixel value for the bounds and snap points. It is possible to use % ?




See the Pen xOdYqY by garethj (@garethj) on CodePen

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ok so I can just grab the screen width (but will have to update on resize)

var maxX =  window.innerWidth;

which brings me to my next question how do you control when the snap is triggered ? at the moment it looks like you have to exceed 50% for the menu to snap either way. Is is possible to change this to say 25% i.e if I drag past 25% the menu will snap to 100% ?

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You can use a function...

See the Pen bZWvja by osublake (@osublake) on CodePen


If you're trying to create a swipe effect, I think it feels more natural if you don't use positional constraints. I use the velocity tracker to determine the direction to move it if it exceeded some number of pixels, similar to how hammerjs does it.

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ah! thanks so much for demo, it is spot on. I agree it does feel more natural. 

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