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One year of GreenSock forum participation – what I’ve experienced

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Read that post a while ago, and at the time I was building this little thing, it's kind of my summary what I learned in little above a year - hope you'll enjoy it :)


https://www.hq-biosciences.com/our-process/ (animations above approx 767px)

For me, GSAP was a blessing - special thanks, to @Ihatetomatoes you made it a thing in my life - finally, I could do some fun things with code and learn by doing instead of watching some crazy tutorials where you just use "this" and "this" and then I was just like this O_o

Dropped school because of that dull programming theory - we started to learn to programme from "C" language (like WTF)
I had a lot of attempts to learn JS but most of the stuff I could just copy/paste without even understanding or trying to understand.
(This one helped me understand what's going on under the hood  https://www.udemy.com/understand-javascript/ )

GSAP changed my life and made programming much easier to "eat" - I'll probably never be a kickass assembler programmer, but who knows - GSAP is a solid first sock to go anywhere and they should fking teach it at school.

Thank you all for helping me in various quests, learning hard to help you too someday
(that's hard! Even if I know the answer there are at least 2 answers already submitted - love you all :)

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Nice Mr Wizard!  :)

Really inspiring to read about somebody in the same situation as myself. Problem solvers that looked at GS several times and thought it looked to hard, and then one day just tried it out and found it easier and much more flexible than I ever known!


Thanks for all flash-support and that you hold back on the laughs. 


For all even newer to this than me, this is a really nice forum with lots of "wizards" with really good tips and solutions. Give GS a try and the forum something to solve.

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Thanks for sharing  Craig. It makes me feel like one of these days all this coding stuff is just going to click in and I will be off writing really good animations and text with less worry and doubt then I have right now.  In the beginning it is really hard to form questions that make sense, when basically I don't really know or understand what I am talking about. Some of your comments made me smile as in ask but then figure it out on your own and keep rolling on. My first coding is that Java Script, and I'm doing simple animations and working toward more difficult ones. 


Here I was smiling saying hey, this isn't so bad no math, then as the lessons increase here comes the arithmetic marching in and I said "wow" not good I really suck at math. Never could understand that stuff in school and now to learn coding I need to understand algebra. I thought this it it the end I will never learn how X & Y equal numbers, but maybe I am a bit smarter now because the way I am learning makes it all somehow make sense.


Anyways, just wanted to let you know through all my rambling on, that your words have given me courage to keep going and not give up.  See you around the forum!   :)

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I figured I better stop in and tell you why I disappeared from the forum and didn't join up yet. As I kept trying to study over at Khan-academy,  I kept getting more mixed up and confused in the sense that without knowing math I was not going to be able to finish that course, nor could I write good code without knowing the basic elements of the material, as the lessons skip forward quite quickly.

So I am homeschooling myself to learn what I do not know so I will be able to proceed in coding with all the animations and elements needed to be on track. As I looked to your kind instructions I knew I needed to go back to school and so I am in fourth grade math leading up to pre-algebra, then algebra I & II. Then a bit of geometric concepts to round it all out.

Then I will be back to learn more and truly understand what your trying to teach me. I really appreciate all the comments and the help you offered and provided even though my work was on another site.  Hope to be back before the next year is over. I am studying hard and math is starting to make some sense. Thanks a lot for being so nice.

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Hear, hear! Sharing the love! Well written, Craig, and so well deserved mentions! And other unmentioned heroes too! Great culture of good attitude here!

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