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Edge case with Chrome Version 51 VS Electron

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Hi !

I'm really happy to be able to use tweenmax for animation. I've noticed one issue, that is kind of hard to reproduce. 

Using chrome and a simple command like : 


`tl.to(parentClass + ' .card-2', cardAnimInDuration, { scale: 1, left: 0, top: 0, rotation: -5, ease: Expo.easeOut, delay: delayDuration }, 'cardsIn')` 


produce a nice animation which render perfectly in chrome.


In chromium it is also perfect.


But in some version of Electron, the content is not visible due to an error in the matrix transform. 


The produced matrix transform is as follow : 


chrome 51.0.2704 : `transform: matrix(0.99619, -0.08715, 0.08715, 0.99619, 56.9881, -22.7032);`

canay chromium : `transform: matrix(0.99619, -0.08715, 0.08715, 0.99619, 56.9881, -22.7032);`

electron 1.2.3 : `transform: matrix(0,99619, 0,08715, 0,99619, 0,08715, 0, 871557);`


You'll notice that the "." dots are replaced by commas... and this breaks the transform property.


I'll be happy to get some help on this issue.


Thanks !


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