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Business License question

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I'm coding a few animations for a site in a team.

I'll be the sole developer coding the animations but will need to hand over the code and scripts to someone else in charge of implementing and building the rest of the site. 


Would a single user permanent business green license work for what I'm doing?

Or is there something else that I'd need?



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Probably not - the only reason you'd need to upgrade to a "Business Green" membership is if you're using the tools in a product/site/app/game for which a fee is charged to MULTIPLE end users. For example, if the site you're working on is a membership site where people pay to get access to certain features of the site or something like that. But if it's just a public site that anyone can use, and multiple customers aren't being charged, you're totally fine without that special license.


Does that clear things up? 


Thanks for being a member, by the way. Happy tweening!

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