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Click tags - Flashtalking

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I need a quick crash course in clickTags! I have some specs from a client and it seems they will be using Flash talking.


Click-through Tag Requirements

The HTML file must include a meta tag indicating which element in the ad triggers the clickthrough.
• Specify the click-through element with a ‘click.through’ meta

tag. Insert your HTML file’s clickable element ID where it says myClickableElementId:
Format: <meta name=”click.through” content=”myClickableElementId” Ensure the HTML file contains an element with the specified ID.

Example: <img id=”myClickableElementId” src=”button.png” /> Do

not hardcode the click through URL in your HTML file.
• Do not add your own click tracking events to the click-through

element as this will conflict with Flashtalking click tracking.
• If you would like to track clicks in another system, please send tags

to Sky Media along with your creative. 


As my banner stands I just have a standard clickTag set up which seems to work. Do I need to change anything according to their specs?
This is my current set up:
a#myAdLink {
display: inline-block;
background-color: #000000;

<a id="myAdLink" href="javascript:window.open(window.clickTag)">

var clickTag = "http://www.google.com"; 

It seems they are suggesting I add this as a meta tag at the top?

<meta name="click.through" content="cta_1">
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I make many banners that needs to go on flashtalking, and it's pretty simple, to the end of your body code call their API :

<script src="http://cdn.flashtalking.com/frameworks/js/api/2/9/html5API.js"></script>

Then you should indicate what your banner container div is, in my example "container" is the ID of my englobing div

<script type="text/javascript">
// If true, start function. If false, listen for INIT.
  var myFT = new FT,
  container = FT.query("#adcontainer");
  myFT.applyClickTag(container, 1);

So their system knows that when you click on "container" it must behave as a clickTag.


Next to your html file you also need their "manifest.js" which indicates the size of the ad, the main html file, the number of clicktags and if some browsers should be excluded (the backup jpg will be shown on those), for example:


So you can remove your <a href> tag and the meta isn't needed

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Thats great thank you! 

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