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I think it would be useful to have a place where to post resources that might be helpful when building banners.

I've never used web safe fonts in banners (usually images and svg), but I think this might be helpful:


What other tools besides GSAP do you use when building ads?

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http://www.byhook.com/bannerscience is a great presentation about HTML5 banners.  It's slightly outdated now (it's from last summer/fall when the news of Chrome pausing Flash first came out, but before the IAB updated their guidelines) but still has a lot of useful/relevant information.


I referred back to it a lot when I first started doing HTML5 banners (and also sent it to multiple coworkers to help them understand what is & isn't possible in an HTML5 banner within various file size limits).

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Also, Can I Use and MDN have been very helpful for me when determining what's possible across browsers:





And https://css-tricks.com/ is an amazing resource for all things CSS.  Anything CSS-related that I wasn't sure how to do, I was able a relevant article/solution there.

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