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First Time [SOLVED]

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I want to control a fade out of a sound object. I try this but doesn't work. Can someone help?


import gs.*;

import gs.easing.*;

TweenLite.to(soundOne, 2, {volume:0});


var req:URLRequest = new URLRequest("firstloop.mp3");

var soundOne:Sound = new Sound();


function soundloaded(event:Event):void {




soundOne.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, soundloaded);


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You don't tween the volume of a Sound, you tween the volume of a SoundChannel in AS3.

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I have a sound and sound channel that i'm trying to fade, but it's not seeming to work.


var sc:SoundChannel;
var song:Sound = blah;
//blah is a sound, trust me, it plays fine and everything i just don't want to put the code in here for the loading and such;
sc = song.play();


then when my app ends,


var fadeOb:Object = new Object();
fadeOb.volume = 0;
TweenLite.to(sc.soundTransform, 2, fadeOb);


But this doesnt work. If i use the onUpdate listener and check the volume of the soundtransfomr, it always stays at one

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Nevermind figured it out. Had to set the SoundTransform of the SoundChannel to a new SoundTransform that I created. And have to do that in the onUpdate listener. I don't like that bleh.

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Are you familiar with the VolumePlugin? You could just do this:


var song:Sound = blah;
var sc:SoundChannel = song.play();
TweenMax.to(sc, 2, {volume:0});

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There's an interactive example in the Plugin Explorer, just so you know.

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