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Glow Filter doesnt work on Mobile

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I am using tween max in flash and I am using glow filter effect on a movieclip

it works well when debugging on computer but when I try to use it on mobile the glow effect doesn't happen

Is it not supported on mobile?


here's the code:


any help?

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That's probably more of a question for Adobe. I'm not very familiar with what's supported in the mobile AIR stuff, but it wouldn't surprise me if filters weren't available. Did you make sure you activated the GlowFilterPlugin? 

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Thanks for the reply ,


I figured out it is because flash disables filters when rendering mode is set to "GPU",

it should be either "CPU"  OR  "DIRECT"

It worked on CPU but animations are not smooth at all

Is it possible to do it while it is set to "GPU"?

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I don't think so, no. That'd be a question for Adobe :) 

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