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capture element(s) being tweened in onComplete

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Is there a way to capture the element(s) being tweened within the onComplete param?



For example, I'm trying to replace the code: 'element I'm tweening here' with the actual element that is being tweened.

let div = document.querySelector(`div`);
TweenLite.to(div, 2, {x:100, onComplete: () => console.log(`element I'm tweening here`)});

See the Pen qZgxqo?editors=0010 by BradLee (@BradLee) on CodePen

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Just a little FYI about callback scope. Arrow functions aren't scoped, but if you use a regular function you can just use 'this' to reference the tween.

TweenLite.to(div, 2, { x: 100, onComplete: function() { console.log(this.target); }})
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