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ScrollTo Plugin Updating Scroll position

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Hi Guys,


I have a page with a CSS animation on entry that slides in some content. I also have a scroll to ID snippet as follows:

var footer = document.getElementById("footer");
var footerTop = footer.offsetTop;
function  gotoFooter()
TweenLite.to(window, 1.5, {scrollTo:(footerTop),  ease:Power4. easeInOut});

...however due to the CSS animation that starts on entry my scrollto is wildly off and in fact just slams into the end of the page with an unseemly stop.


My question is, is there a way to update the new page length for the plugin after my animation finishes (its 2 seconds long).


Thanks for any help, I'm just starting to learn this library so please be gentle :P.

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Welcome to the community!


It's tough to say without seeing things in context (like in a codepen), but I'd venture to guess that you can simply shift your variable declarations into your function so that it waits to calculate the footer.offsetTop until gotoFooter() is actually called. There are other ways to handle it, so if this doesn't help, please just provide a simple codepen demo and we'll do our best to provide an alternate solution. 

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Hi Jack. Thanks so much for replying and yes you were absolutely right of course. Moving the variable declarations inside the function fixed it perfectly. So simple I kicked myself :P. I'll make sure any future questions come with a codepen to help. Thanks again!

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