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easing not running as it should

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I´m using (ease: Power0.easeNone) in all the tweens and the movement is not linear like it should.

It should run exactly the same as when the cube closes. Also if you run it on IE it starts all glitchy.

Why the ease: Power0 is not working and why IE have those problems?

Hope somebody can help me, thanks!

See the Pen QNzGwN by caemostajo (@caemostajo) on CodePen

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Thanks for the demo.


The big problem was that you had a css transition on .flipper which was fighting with the GSAP updates.


This should be better: http://codepen.io/GreenSock/pen/GZPWae


Although unrelated to the easing issue, I'm not quite sure what you are doing with

transformOrigin: "$cubeSize 0 (-$cubeSize / 2)"

That string isn't a valid value that CSSPlugin can use.

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Thank you so much Carl!

I´m really happy to be a GreenSock member and to have this awesome support.


With the transform-origin you mention i was setting the pivot point of that face rotation to: "100% 0 -50%" but using variables... But i erased it because you said it is a invalid value for the CSSPlugin and it runs great.

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