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Thomas James Thorstensson

Tweening CSS Properties without CSS Plugin

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Here is another question :)


How come that I can tween CSS properties directly without using the CSSPlugin. The below works.



var $frame1 = document.getElementById('frame1')

tl.add( TweenLite.to($frame1, 3, {backgroundColor:"#ff6a6a"}) );

Am I missing something obvious here?
If so, when should the CSS plugin be used since the above works in any case?
Thanks in advance
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The CSS plugin is already bundled with TweenMax by default.


You will only need to worry about the CSS plugin if you are loading each and every GSAP component yourself - Which in 99% of the cases, you will not do.

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Without seeing your actual files, my first assumption is that you are loading TweenMax which includes the CSSPlugin for convenience (among other things).


If you are certain CSSPlugin is not being loaded, please provide a demo via CodePen or zip. Thanks!

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Dipscom, you sneaky sneak!!!!




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( not my fault if I start before you but type slower... )

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I thank you for clearing this out! Great. Now I can have coffe and move on with my day,






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