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Rotate around a custom point?

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Can I rotate around a point using the TransformMatrixPlugin in the current version of greensock? Can't see any syntax for setting a transform point in the API. I found some earlier examples using different transform plugins but they do seem to be for the current library.

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I found a way by rotating a dummy sprite with TweenLite, and then using those values to affect a standard AS3 matrix transform with arbitrary point. The object being transform-rotated was rotated back to a saved start matrix state each time before the new Transform rotation value was applied, so I could just use the rotation value of the dummy sprite explicitly.

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Glad to hear you found a solution.


Yes, the TransformAroundPointPlugin was developed to make this very easy. It definitely works with the latest AS3 version of the platform (v12).

TransformAroundPoint is available to Club GreenSock members: http://www.greensock.com/club (select Flash from the drowdown).


So if you want an easier and more integrated way to do this you might want to check it out.


However, I also want to note that we no longer actively develop or promote our AS3 products. We make them available to folks that need them, but our development and support is solely focused on our JavaScript tools. 

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