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Centering on screen.

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Hey all,


I've managed to center an element (vertically) on the screen using the following - 

    TweenLite.to(card, time, { top: `-50%`, yPercent: '-50%' });


I have read however that animating an element using 'top' and 'left' are ill-advised as they don't use graphics card acceleration and that you should always try and use transforms instead, such as x and y. Anyone know a way to center an element without using 'top'. 

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Hi BradLee :)


Setting an element's position with left and top is perfectly fine. It's just not recommended to animate with them. So you center it like this:

TweenMax.set(yourElement, {xPercent:-50, yPercent:-50, left:"50%", top:"50%"}) 

When you read about animating with x and y instead of left and top, that's referring to sub-pixel rendering. Left and top use whole numbers so the animation can seem a lot less smooth using those properties. x and y will be much smoother since they animate at a sub-pixel level.


For more info about xPercent and yPercent, please check out this post: 



and the corresponding CodePen:

See the Pen rAetx by GreenSock (@GreenSock) on CodePen


Happy tweening.


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sorry I didn't explain my situation the best. What I'm trying to do is animate an object from off screen to the center of the screen. What I have is - 


// original position (the element is off screen) - 

.myElem {

    position: absolute;

    left: 50%;
    transform: translate(-50%, -50%);
    top: -50%;



//then I animate - 

TweenLite.to(card, time, { top: `50%` }); 


So my question is how can I get the element to tween to the center of the screen without using 'top'

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ah... o.k. - you could set up a variable to get the window height and divide by 2 like:

var h = window.innerHeight/2

and then animate the y position to that value. Here's a simple CodePen with that possibility:


See the Pen yOQLMr by PointC (@PointC) on CodePen


Depending on what you're doing, you may have to update that variable on a window resize event.


Does that help?


Happy tweening.


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