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Color fill only the visible part of transparent PNG

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Is there a way to only color fill the visible parts of a transparent png? I feel like this is something I've either done with GSAP or back in the day with AS3, could be mistaken though, it's been awhile. Thanks for any help!

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Hi Jonah :)


Welcome to the forums.


Blake has a pretty cool pen that I think may help you:


See the Pen eJdvMX by osublake (@osublake) on CodePen


My other thought would be - do you have the option of using SVG instead of png? If so, a world of possibilities would open up for you.


Happy tweening


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Hi Craig, thanks for the reply! I actually stumbled upon using SVGs and found one of GS codepen: 


See the Pen gpDrC by GreenSock (@GreenSock) on CodePen


The only thing is that SVG is in the mark-up. Is that a requirement or can you also use an external SVG asset? 

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Just a random idea (if you need to use PNG): what if you just put the <img> into a <div> that has a background-color? And obviously size the <div> to exactly the size of your image. That way, the transparent areas would just show through to the background-color. 

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Thanks guys, I ended up using the inject and append method that Craig linked to from another thread. As always, great response and support from Team Greensock. Much appreciated! 

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