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Looping a mousescroll initiated timeline

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I have a pageless site that I'm working on, that has a slightly unusual navigation/ flow. I've got it working almost as it's supposed to. 


There's two main ways for a visitor to navigate the site. Note: the pages/sections are not presented in a linear fashion.


1. By scrolling they will move on to the next "page" or section. 

2. Through the navigation menu they will go directly to the section


The issue I am having is can't quite figure out how to make the whole thing loop continuously. When they get to page 9 and they continue to mouse, I'm trying to get it so they just go straight back to page 1, and if they mouse up from page 1 it will take them to slide 9


Any guidance is much appreciated!





See the Pen grzamO by ald603 (@ald603) on CodePen

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I don't have time to work up a codepen but essentially you could check if the next label is available (like you currently are) and if it's not, simply tween to the label you want.


If you scroll down on slide9, check if a next label is available. If not, tween to label 'slide1'.

And the same for going from slide1 to 9.


The code for tweening to a label is:

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