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Angular2 importing Draggable using ES6

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I'm able to import and use TweenMax in Angular2 with ES6 and it's working great in the environment.


I've include the gsap libs into my build through npm and I'm importing the module using ES6 like so:

* Import Libs
import * as TweenMax from 'gsap';
* Exports for others scripts to use
window.TweenMax = TweenMax;

but when attempting to import the Draggable utility

import * as Draggable from '../node_modules/gsap/src/minified/utils/Draggable.min';

I get the following error: 

Draggable.min.js:15 Uncaught Error: Cannot find module "TweenLite" 

In ES6 do I have to export TweenMax first for the Draggable module or is there another method for making the TweenMax module available for the Draggable module? 

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